Feeling Gray

Feeling GrayHave you ever attempted to describe your mood in a color?

A friend taught me this psychosis trick: when you notice a particular emotion rising above all others, calm your mind for a moment and focus on colors. Whether it is a single color, or a full palette–usually ones mood can be expressed in color.

For example, red and purple are my anger colors. Deep orange and yellow are my depressed colors. Green = excited or happy, and white = pensive.

But have you ever just felt lifeless and bleh? It’s not depression.. you don’t want to commit suicide. But it’s similar to depression in that you don’t want to exist. Nothing brings a smile to your face. Your attention span is nil.

And you are not sleepy.

Common cures for feeling gray.

1. Music

To put it colloquially, find some good jams. Choose your favorite of the artists from Beethoven to Skrillex and elevate your mood to another level.

2. Eat

Sometimes just a little sugar or caffeine can nudge your emotions into gear. The key to remember here is everything in moderation.

3. Walk

Take a quick walk outside and try observing your surroundings. Nature has it’s way of stirring emotions, and if you live in the city just think how thousands of people are working together to keep each other alive. (Live isn’t everything Fox news says, after all!)

Now that you have some simple tips up you sleeve, maybe you can avoid the gray moments and enjoy life even more!


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