The Dangers of Wearing a Mask

We each wear a mask, and for differing reasons.
We all battle inner demons.

We use a mask to shield,  hide, or even transform.
We all succumb to face the storm.

We walk on whistling, smiling, shooting the breeze.
We all sicken ourselves to please.

We understand how dangerous a mask can be.
We all become what others see.

–  Writer


5 thoughts on “The Dangers of Wearing a Mask

  1. This is such a profound poem. I love the dead-stop line breaks, ending the sentences. It really pronounces the mood of the poem well. As someone with a literary blog, I think this is really fantastic. Keep writing!

    • Thanks so much for the critique! :3 I appreciate the time you took to read my work and comment.

      You have a beautiful blog by the way. Looking forward to reading through your archives!

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