iPhone, the Destroyer!

Some of you are probably accustomed to my serious or deep posts by now. Well, just so you don’t get the impression that all I ever do is “wail for the world is dead”, I’d like to post what I think about cellphones.

Cellphones are quite useful–almost a necessity in this age. When every aspect of our day-to-day life is imbibed with social media, the cellphone is there to save your skin. (Or is it?) Rather than go on and on about things you already know, I’ll just post the 4 things I think iPhones have destroyed in Americans.

  1. Privacy
    Where did those quiet, relaxing evenings go?
  2. Relationships
    He sent me a Candy Crush invite!! He must love me!
  3. Table Manners
    No need explaining this one..we have all been there.
  4. Attention Spans
    We all skim over long paragraphs, and some even ignore a post if it doesn’t have an image!

If you think of anything else the iPhone has destroyed, please put them in a comment below! I’d like to write up a detailed post describing each one in detail.


2 thoughts on “iPhone, the Destroyer!

  1. I love this post but if I may I would like to respectfully disagree with one of your points. While I do agree that cell phones (or instant communication/social media in general) have created a degree of superficiality in all of our relationships (esp. romantic ones, I do think there is some merit to them especially in the beginning of a relationship in fostering bonds of familiarity, flirting, and just getting to know each other. Overall, I loved this! Sometimes, I think everyone should just unplug for a day and live their life instead of being an observer of it!

    • Thanks for the critique!

      I agree with you on this edit.. to an extent. Social media has definitely made long distance relationships more palatable, but I feel that we are more engaged and more nosy than ever before. The dating realm should be just that…dating. Getting to know the other person by one-on-one conversations. With IM you are chatting with the other person in various situations (ie: in bed) where your guard is much lower than in public.

      In essence, the major rule to remember is “have everything in moderation.” Thanks again for the comment!

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