Love is Insane

Why do we feel the need to love another?
Why do we bind our hearts to the lovers stake
Then set it aflame with our own passions?
This heat, this pain, this harrowing remorse that
Haunts and plagues us in the night;
Drenching our sheets with sweat and tears..
All for Love?
Why would we subjugate and crave
The path to a bitter end?
Do we feel this lonely? This afraid?
Do we feel another could help or even save?
We give them our money, our time, our very blood..
And in the name of what? True Love?
Love is the chopping block for those who are insecure.
Love is the noose for those with no confidence.
Love is the firing squad for those who are “lost in love.”
Love is the poison that every man and every woman take freely.
To succeed in love, one must have wits.
They must have a will forged in the heat of hell.
Their minds must be made, their hearts must be firm,
And, above all else, their tongue must be bound.
If a person can achieve all those listed above–
Then maybe, just maybe, will they succeed in love.

2 thoughts on “Love is Insane

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Reading this….wow.
    I just..I wonder if I could succeed in love? Seems an interesting thought. Because I know I could never keep my wits about me; I may crumble, dry.

    I liked this poem – a lot.

    • Thank you for reading..and the trickiest part of love is the success or failure is not totally reliant upon you. If it was, well then more relationships would hold! But since the outcome is dependent upon everyone involved….it’s tricky. Just tricky.

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