A Silent Smile

via Google Images

via Google Images

Briskly walking to my day’s end
Absorbed in my thoughts.
Secure in my coat from the chilling wind.
Head down, I almost didn’t see
The child in my path.
We froze. I waited for her, and she me.
Attempts to walk past all for naught,
She captured my eyes–
And within a moment–my soul and heart.
It was like speech, but with no voice.
Her face framed a smile,
A silent smile, void of pretense or choice.
But a novel could not describe
The heart in this smile.
Such joy, such hope, such innocence and life!
How could I respond? What could I say?
Just a little child..
She wouldn’t translate my thankful essay.
Bored from my trance, she turned aside
With wave and cute eyes.
Then, without pause, I returned her silent smile.

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