Pixies (ii)



Laughter like a winter chime

In crime

Perfect face and shining eyes

Such lies

Invading our lives like a fairy-tale

From Hell.


Unseen, playful–like a child

Yet wild

Floating with tiny wings

Vile things

Combining old magic with modern charm

To harm.


At the corner of our eye

They spy

And gesture with tiny hands

At plans

For changing our lives and our future verse

For worse.





2 thoughts on “Pixies (ii)

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    The beginning of each stanza felt almost like a dose of false hope. Then to be twisted into something much more truer to the characteristic of said pixie.
    Question: in the second section, would being wild spur their (potentially) harmful behaviour, more? Is being wild a key factor?

  2. Good observation.. I was hoping the poem would reflect the very nature of the pixie. A fanciful, happy idea with subtle hints of evil.

    *grinning from ear to ear* Your questions are great.. The word “wild” combined with the previous phrase “like a child” refers to the mythical feral children. Creating a quick parallel: feral children were beheld as harmless by most people for their young appearance, but these children were animalistic and sometimes deadly to those who accepted them. Pixies are commonly thought to be kind creatures who perform good deeds unseen, but are actually full of malice and ill intent.

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