Nothing is Therapeutic

Have you ever found a secluded spot, perhaps some deep forest with nothing but rolling hills and evergreens for miles in every direction, and shouted your problems to the emptiness? Did you feel some great weight gradually lift from your mind as you shouted? Why is that? Because nothing is therapeutic.

Have you ever caught yourself staring off into space, your eyes unblinking and your mind completely blank? How many minutes ticked by while you were in this “stupor”? Did you feel more alive and renewed with vigor after this experience? Because nothing is therapeutic.

Have you ever left a room and sought a place of solitude because you couldn’t stand the noise anymore? Did the silence bring satisfaction and comfort, encouraging your soul to try again? Why is that? Because nothing is therapeutic.


In the emptiness of nature lies our nearest and dearest friend: the nothing. A hidden entity who watches over the nobody and lives in the nowhere. When we earnestly seek the wisdom and help of nothing, with lovely silence it will heal us. But beware–the therapy of nothing is a potent brew. Partake too deeply and you may find yourself doomed to drink a nobody headed nowhere.


9 thoughts on “Nothing is Therapeutic

    • Maybe blacks? It really depends on which form the emptiness assumes. Covering your face with a pillow and screaming will result in black speckled with dark red spots..the midnight sky is obviously black..the hidden forest is greens and sky blues…

      Just depends. I don’t think emptiness has a specific color.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        That’s interesting. I always thought the midnight sky was tinted blue. I am wrong!
        It’s good to have no specific colour, I assume. When the brain’s a palette, colours could vary, especially if created with a dangerously fast brush.
        Just a thought

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        My pleasure.
        And I’m still thinking of the “this statement is false.” Scribbled it in my blue folder, even. (Feel proud, dude.)
        So in turn, your comments make me think deeper too, I can say!

      • Oh, you’re still stuck on that? The correct answer is “hot pocket”.

        And in response to another comment..I may need to look at the night sky again in search of tints.. hmmm

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Hot pocket…you little…….!!!! I’m not satisfied, but then I think I shall let this one..slide. Alas, I admit near defeat. When I’ve written an essay on it, shredded it to scraps, and sipped my last tea; I’ll let it go.
        Do look for tints. I..I can’t imagine the sky not being somewhat blue. I really cannot.

      • I was being very wicked with that last comment…the correct response is actually “yes”. Why? Well, I’ll leave that up to your wonderful and deductive mind.

        Would you imagine the moon phase has any effect on the midnight sky? (eg: half moon, full moon, etc)

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        OMG YOU LITTLE…..*growl*
        I…I am breaking now. Wonderful and deductive? Impatient and ill, more like!
        No..I wouldn’t think it would have an effect. Although a crescent does look…. tearfully welcoming.

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