Love Yourself..Be Yourself

Why do people enjoy the new film, Frozen, sooo much? It sounds strange, but that petty thought has been nagging at my mind for a few weeks now. Yes, I have seen the movie–and truth be told it did not WOW me like so many others. With Disney movies in view, Frozen would be under other classics such as Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then a simple thought popped in my mind: the songs. Whenever I hear about Frozen, I also hear about that (now) famous song: “Let It Go”. After musing for a few more moments..I drew up this question: “Do people like this movie because they have trouble letting go?” Casting social pretense over the shoulder and proudly marching into the world unedited can be a bold do people savor the thought of doing it themselves?

I do.

“Be Yourself”–we have become immune to this statement. Everyone says it!! Movies, posters, salesmen, mothers, fathers… No doubt you have heard this advice from another source.

Then why don’t we “let go” and “be ourselves”? Similar to the film, I believe it is fear. Fear that people won’t like us. Fear that we will hurt those nearest and dearest to us with the truth. Fear that we will feel exposed by “letting go”.

Those fears are real, folks. I feel them everyday.

But do you want to know the key to trumping fear? A good, hearty dose of (dare-I-say) LOVE. (I know one writer in particular who is laughing at me right now… -_- )

Such an easy solution! LOVE yourself. Accept that you are who you are. Stop trying to be someone else..then the world would be short one amazing person. :)

So I challenge you (and myself): First start loving yourself..and watch as it becomes easier to be yourself.


36 thoughts on “Love Yourself..Be Yourself

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:
        For you say it’s easy. Yet you end it with a “challenge.” Aren’t challenges difficult? And isn’t difficulty avoided?

      • The solution is quite easy and simple. “Just love who you are.”
        But in the same breathe lies the challenge..the challenge of loving who you are. I look in the mirror and see a short, pencil thin nerd with bony elbows and an uneducated accent. And that’s just the outside..I also happen to know all his shortcomings (lol?) and problem areas on the inside. So loving that guy is damn near impossible..

        But I’m me. There is no one else like me. And you are you. There is no one else like you. And together we are part of the WordPress community. And there is NOTHING like the WordPress community. And the WordPress community is part of the world population..

        So you see? We all have a place AS OURSELVES. So why not jump in and love yourself for it?
        (I sound like a happy little clown right now, don’t I? DARN THIS MOOD!)

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Well. You’ve hit the nail on the head there, whereas I appear to have missed.
        I suppose there is nobody else like you and I suppose there is nobody else like me. And all the other billions of people in this world, there is nobody else like them too. But..Do I need heart to “like/love” myself.
        I believe that my usage of inverted speech marks to not need explaining. Prove me wrong on that one.

      • Now I am missing something…prove you wrong on “inverted speech marks”? Could you please state your question again? (I suck at this!)

        You are correct in saying that we are all unique. You, me, all the billions..but numbers should not be disheartening. Each one is a puzzle piece to the world portrait.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        *chuckles* do I explain this? Then I’d tell the answer.
        Hmm. I…eh. Read it closer. So I asked whether I’d – or one, or anyone would – need to have heart in order to “like” or “love” themselves. Is this..I don’t know, a misinterpretation. An illusion?
        Oh crumbs. I can’t phrase that properly.
        It’s best to leave it, or mould it yourself.
        The world portrait? Gosh. OK

      • *bright, hopeful eyes* I know….Isn’t it all so dreamy???

        *Bruce slaps me back into reality* OK, so maybe the world is corrupt and evil. But it’s also caring and nice as well…I just tend to focus on the evil more than the good. Same problem with myself..that’s why I have trouble loving myself.

        Do you need heart to love yourself? This can be taken two ways…1) Do you need a heart to love yourself. And the answer is: You have a heart, fool. Now use it. 2) Do you need courage/strength to love yourself? Answer: Yes–but different amount for different people. For some it comes naturally, they practically worship themselves. For others, it takes a lot of hard work and practice. Because the most despicable person they know….is themselves.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        *good for Bruce* :P
        I jest, I jest.
        I guess all the bad stuff is just a diversion.
        That’s what I was getting at – slightly. But oh, why must all caring things link to the heart?!!!!! WHY?!!!!! And oh, is it as genuine as we believe. Such heart is now scorched.
        Practise, eh? Patience too! :)

      • I “feel” ya (snork).

        Human’s have feelings, and (sadly) those feelings determine MOST of their actions! The ability to feel is WHY everything is linked to the heart.

        Remove emotion, and everything is rerouted to the mind. Which is utterly pointless.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Yes humans have feelings.
        But WHOA THERE. Now you’ve said something VERYYYY interesting.
        It’s pointless? To reroute it all to the mind? I’m stunned. But how? Surely there’s less room for error. Instincts have nothing to argue with. Everything is simple.

      • Oh gosh I could write an essay..
        Remove heart from the world. Remove emotion, remove feelings…you are left with a machine. A machine that functions seamlessly and perfectly..but to what end?

        Without emotion..what would we do? Funny how you mentioned instincts…instincts are: food, safety, and procreation. So farming, building sturdy homes, and having children.
        We would exist to further our existence. Not to better it, because that implies we are UNHAPPY with the current state. No, rerouting every function of humanity to the mind excluding the heart would be like building the big ben without the hands and bells. It works wondrously..but there is no point.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        It’s frustrating – my points are now futile.
        But oh, to be robots, no fears, worries or pain in our eyes. But please, just please tell me why you don’t think emotion can’t be felt and expressed through the mind? Why the heart. Why the heart. WHY. Unless I’ve missed the point this entire conversation has been telling, then do excuse my stupidity.
        And oh, must all instincts seem so forced? They sound so….processed. By acting on a whim, or doing something genuinely, wait….so that isn’t an instinct? O.O

      • Why I think emotion cannot be routed to the mind? Because it wouldn’t swiping your library card at the grocery checkout. The logical mind would take the emotion then shove it aside as “useless”.
        For example: If a puppy is sickly at birth, the mother dog will drop the puppy off in the woods somewhere so it won’t infect the others. Does she CARE about the puppy? I cannot say one way or the other…but she IS acting on instinct. No “awwwwww the poor lil thing! Let me give it SPECIAL treatment..” like humans would act. Nope, she just removes it and problem solved.

        Perhaps I have instincts all messed up, but I suppose you could twist a non-emotional world into whatever fashion you define instincts to be.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        So I take it that you say emotion sees no logic? Really? Can’t there be some form of compromise. The heart….it beats. It pumps blood about the body. It keeps us alive. Love and like and hate and all that stems from thoughts doesn’t it? Yet the roots are apparently fixed in the heart. Brilliant.

      • LOL you wrote about two different hearts in that comment.

        First, the physical heart..that muscle in your chest that keeps you alive by pumping blood into your system.
        And second, the “emotional” heart. I won’t go into the history, but this is the ?left? frontal lobe of your brain..where you have the ability to process emotion. When you say “mind”, you are actually referring to the ?right? frontal lobe where all logic is processed.

        Is that what has been bothering you? People first started associating the heart with emotion because when you have a happy thought the pace of your heart quickens and it pumps endorphins into your blood. There, the matter is cleared up?

      • Bwahahahahaahahaha aha a aha ah aha aha ha ahaahahahahahahahaha ha ahaahaaha…
        *awkward pause to breathe*
        *glad my roommate isn’t here to see this*

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        I. Am. Going. To. Explode would be an overstatement, in all flipping honesty.
        I don’t even know anymore.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        *pinches cheeks*

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        *pinches cheeks*
        *sides split with laughter*
        *brings a lollipop*

        You child..

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        *chokes over tea* AHAHA…..nope. Regardless of what you say. Even though I did make quite a….blunder..
        You are still the child here.

  1. Following your *facedesk* comment on one of OMs posts I came here to have a look at your blog, got stuck with this post and found it so absolutely true. I wondered myself what it is about that movie that makes me love it and it is indeed the song “Let it go” that comes to mind first when I think about the movie. I so want to let go and be free, well, from myself probably, my overthinking, overworrying and just everything over…
    But reading the comment conversation from you and deepbluesanseafoamgreens was (dare I say it) even better (^_^)
    You made me smile on an otherwise not so great a day (so far). Thank you

    • Ahh, thanks so much for jumping over and taking a look around! :D Yeah, you will find many comment conversations like that scattered over WordPress…usually when we converse we take over a thread.

      I’m looking forward to returning the courtesy and reading about your Japan adventures in your blog!

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