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I imagine myself as a frightened Donnie Darko. Sweet time falling as sand through my fingers–no matter how tight the fist is clenched–the sand continues to fall. And my knuckles are white.

My hands tremble as my mind searches for the proper words to type in anticipation of…this. A soul filled with despair. A soul filled with dread. A doomed soul.

Maybe the misgivings are minimized, perhaps the panic played down–but the conclusion is coming. The end which we see.

I agree with you, this makes no sense. It was no better in my head. But perhaps that’s the point..? A trail of breadcrumbs to the broken heart. The day which we are torn apart.


Summer is nigh.


15 thoughts on “Trepidation

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Well I beg to differ.
        Should’ve sorted the bread out before it could get to this state.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        OK first of all – sorry, I don’t put my bread in a container. Cute idea, but here it comes in a packet-y thing.
        And now to try fight back at that….
        You should have replaced the lid more securely. Or bought a different container.
        And in essence, it would be human error of the manufacturer. Yes, there’s a factory and all. But that’s operated by humans.

      • Good, you walked right into it!

        The industrial machine which crafted this particular container made thousands before it and thousands after it all accurately. Just this one was botched up. Now, you propose that this was man’s error…he “could” have created the machine to never craft an imperfect container, buy since he didn’t, the error lies with the human.
        So you subscribe to the theory that there are no natural errors…that nature is in fact perfect and man corrupted it with his errors ?

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        So it’s down to luck then? Think of it on a more bigger scale – you are unlucky? Not damned, but you couldn’t foresee this. You took the chance and satisfaction wasn’t met. Unless this is all satisfying to you.
        I’m a bit…well, it’s scary to say yes to that last part. Because I don’t know everything. But then, you don’t either.
        But..but..ah. Actually. In a way, yes. Man could have corrupted it with its errors. It feels odd saying that, because always are errors thought of in a negative sense..think about that.
        Because if it were nature’s fault, would you take that as badly as if it were down to humans?
        20 Questions…keep up if you dare. *equally, if not more, cryptic*

      • Oh so delightful this is.
        Luck? Bah..luck is a word conjured up by mere men in an effort to explain the statistical outliers which plague our world. Even on a grand scale I would never consider luck. The theory I adhere to would be that on that particular day with that particular object I experienced the second law of Thermodynamics first hand: entropy. Something in an otherwise perfect environment broke down.
        You are clever, very clever–one step ahead clever to mention that not all errors are bad errors. *pats on head* You are learning how to think OUTSIDE the box.
        With this statement in mind..we must nail down a definition for the word “error” to proceed. I cannot discuss so deeply on a single word if we disagree on the definitions!!

        Do you have a proposed definition?

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Would you ever blame yourself for “something in an otherwise perfect environment” for breaking down? From a personal perspective, even if I knew the blame wasn’t solely on me, I would say it was. Weakness, perhaps? Of course. Am I proud of it? Well, yes and no. Because I can take responsibility and swerve the situation my way – but then at the same time, I’ve lost control if someone else is in the picture.
        *slides to the left – Ha! Missed me!*
        Learning? Oh you’ve only gone and added insult to injury..!
        Well. An error is a mistake. The spectrum isn’t as narrow as convention has foretold it to be.
        But then, is there necessarily fault in all error? Or does error hide in fault…

        And what’s your definition of error? Because I evidently swayed away from answering properly. It’s difficult when it’s apparently all too static.
        I’m stuck.

      • Would I blame myself for something breaking down? Yes, but only to satisfy other people and shield them from blame. I handle blame much better than most, because I base most everything upon laws. Murphy’s law clearly states that is something can go wrong, it will!
        Error is a mistake…relabeling it only makes me want to ask definition for the new label!? To review, we are talking about errors in nature. Do they exist? Or has man brought them here?
        I would define an error as “any event which breaks a predetermined pattern of events”. For instance, if all monkeys are born with two eyes and one tail and suddenly there was a monkey born with one eye and two tails, this would be an error. Agreed?

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Apologetic tendency, do I spy correctly?
        Oh you factual person. How you tease this creativity, shall remain a mystery. I envy you, child!
        Man may have influenced it. That’s all I’m wiling to comment on.
        AGREED! For once, anyway. *applause*
        I tried too hard to not agree..really I did. Meh, efforts did me no good.

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Fear not, I fall under said category.

        Yes, believe it or not. Sometimes, I do.


        I’ll never admit that. Ok maybe once I did. But oh, why not.

        (Yeah you won.)

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