Pixies (ii)



Laughter like a winter chime

In crime

Perfect face and shining eyes

Such lies

Invading our lives like a fairy-tale

From Hell.


Unseen, playful–like a child

Yet wild

Floating with tiny wings

Vile things

Combining old magic with modern charm

To harm.


At the corner of our eye

They spy

And gesture with tiny hands

At plans

For changing our lives and our future verse

For worse.






Do you believe in pixies? I do..but my pixies are far removed from the traditional description. These creatures are devious and torturous, characterized by small acts that make our lives miserable.

I can see them..hiding at the edge of my field of vision. That odd bit of movement fluttering at the corners of  my eyes. Turning my head quickly I find nothing, of course. Such a nasty trick..causing us to question our vision or worse: our sanity.

How to protect yourself from pixies? Well, my theory (which is based on incomplete research) is that these creatures have a type of perverted “yin-yang” personality. They are attracted to those who are happy with the intent of balancing the emotional balance in our world. The happier you are, the more pixies you attract. So a logical solution would be to act depressed and sad..then you attract fewer pixies and life is much easier to live.