Battle Suits

When life is shaping up to be another day in Armageddon, I have different ways of preparing. There are the obvious preparations like eating healthy and dressing for the occasion; then there are the more obscure things like mental preparation and adorning your battle suit. Probably sounds silly, but over the years I have pieced together a “battle suit” that really helps when life becomes difficult. It’s also a staple for me…when my family, friends, or roomates see me in this suit they know to tread softly.

So what’s my battle suit? Bare feet, plain cargo shorts and bright Hawaiian shirt. If you were to see me sitting cross-legged somewhere..yup, that’s my battle stance. Silly and strange? Yes…but believe it or not it helps. On a mental level it helps to associate certain things with strength, so when the battle comes you will be more prepared.

Writing this post got me thinking–while the original title was “My Battle Suit”, I’m curious if others do something similar? Do you have a battle suit? Maybe a sentimental scarf, special shoes (girls, high-heels?), or actual plate armor?

I’d love to read what you think!